Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update on pregnancy

~ So we went back to the Dr today for a repeat ultrasound to see why I am measuring 6 weeks larger than gestation. They measured the amount of amniotic fluid to check for excess and that was fine(big relief) then she checked out all his organs and they were all fine. She then started to measure him to see how big he was and if he was going to be a large baby. Well......he's not big at all! he's is in the 33rd percentile right now which is perfect. He was all over the place(which is his normal) and only wanted to play with his feet the whole time so we got a cute picture of it. I wonder if he will like his toes when he's out :). Adam and I are both very relieved that nothing is wrong and that I am just carrying him big. We also found out that after failing the 1hr glucose test and having to repeat with the 3hr test on Monday that those results were in and I Passed!!! PHEW!!! They might make me take another 1hr next month to double check for Gestational Diabetes but as for now I am all clear. We are still on schedule for Dec 8th as our due date and we both can't wait to see our little man :) Thanks to all who have said extra prayers this last week when all this started and we didn't know what to expect today.

Enjoy Benjamin playing with his toes!!!!! I love how he has his rear end sticking up in the air!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bell Shot 24wks

Well I figured since it had been a while since the last belly shot that I would post a new one for all to see. I will actually be 25wks tomorrow and as everyone can now see I already feel huge. As of my last appointment that was this week I am measuring quite large(at 30wks)and six weeks is a big difference so they are running some tests for Gestational Diabetes( I already failed the 1st one) and we have an ultrasound on Thursday to see if the baby is big or if I am just carrying on the large size. Until then we just don't know. I added a pic of my bare belly(Adam doesn't like these) for my mom :)

Birthday Girl...Look who's 1

Adelyn turned 1yr while in Florida and we had such a great time with her. It is hard to believe that a year has passed already. This little girl has been a fighter from day one and you would never know she was 2months premature except that she is so petite. She is just the happiest baby and I think I heard her cry twice the whole 2 1/2 weeks we were there. I love you Peanut!!

Afternoon at the beach

It was so hot while I was home that even the beach wasn't comfortable. The gulf was actually "HOT" and not very many people were swimming that afternoon. Kinda hard to cool off from the 115 degree weather when the water is 95 degrees.

First time at the beach

For Adelyn's first birthday we took her out to the beach to see what she would do with the sand. She wasn't sure what to think about it and was afraid to sit down for a little while. When she finally sat she got sand all over her hands and quickly realized that she didn't like that at all and starting shaking her hands trying to get it off. maybe next year she'll like it and we can get her to build sand castles with her cousin.

I love Ice Cream

So while I was home in Florida my brother and his fmaily were there also. Adelyn(who turned 1 while they were there) absolutley loves ice cream and will eat it until she almost gets sick. For a special treat we went to the Marble Slab in Destin and the girls loved every bite. How Cute are They!!!!!! I love the second pic of Adelyn, she looks like she has had way to much ice cream.

Benjamin's Shower

So after 2 1/2 weeks in Florida I am finally getting settled back into a routine here at home and getting back to postings. I had such a great time with family and friends while I was there. It was non-stop the entire time with weddings, my baby shower , birthdays and just trying to see everyone. My shower was absolutely amazing, Jari's parents opened their house for the day and did so much to get ready ( Thank You!). I think we got just about everything we need for Benjamin(except for a few big items) This kid will have to wear multiple outfits a day just to cycle through everything. We received a few hand made items that were just amazing. Nancy(Last pic) made a bumble bee quilt by hand for Benjamin, June Jones made him his very own Wubby and her husband Randy wrote this great poem. I was given slippers with "L" and "R" on them so I know which feet they go on in the middle of the night. Everything we received had so much thought put into it and Adam Benjamin and I thank you all very much for everything. I left with so much stuff that I had to buy a large duffel bag to take it all back in.