Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pregnancy feelings

So I am now at 6wks and have been feeling pretty good lately. I tend to have my morning sickness in the afternoon/evenings and not in the am. I have no appetite at all and right now the only things that sounds good to me are grilled cheese sandwiches. We go for or first ultrasound on may 1st and that is when we will know how many we are having. I had my first pregnancy dream last night and we were having triplets. I wonder if it was a dream or a nightmare!! :) Three would completely change everything, new car , three cribs, stroller cars eats etc...... at least I have found out there is a large multiples community on this base(go figure).

Friday, April 6, 2007

It happened

As most of you already know we found out yesterday that the Invitro worked and we are pregnant! Both of us are just over the moon right now with happiness. I have to go back on Thursday for more labs to make sure things are doing what they are suppose to do and then I will have an ultrasound to see how many took in another week or so :) We'll keep everyone informed on how fast the Quick family is growing out here.