Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New family addition

As most of you know I have been talking non-stop about getting a van. It has been a very long process but finally it is coming to an end. We will be adding a new member to the family tomorrow night if all goes well. Here is a temporary picture of her until I can get her first photos taken :)

I am sooo excited!!!!!!!

Swimming Lessons and summer fun!

We have been super busy these last few weeks with swim lessons every morning and birthday parties. Now that swiming is over we are starting Toddler University on Thursday's and are having such a great time. Benjamin's buddy Warren came back from his 2 month vacation to Ohio so we had lunch with them yesterday and they were so excited to see each other :) School starts back here on August 10th so we are getting ready for another EOSC year to start and for me to be super busy. Hopefully this last year here will fly by us and it will be moving day :) I can only wish right!

Amazing Skyline

It has been so hot here lately that the skies at night are just beautiful. This was just before the heat lightning started.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun times

My parents came in for Ben's surgery and a little family vacation and boy did we have fun. The 3 weeks were filled with trips to UCLA, Papa working on Adam's truck so it's in top shape for the trade in when we get our van(Yippeee!) and lots and lots of playtime. Papa bought Ben his first kite and it is super cool and really really big! We were sad to see them go but know they had to get back to work and the rest of the family. Hopefully we'll get to see everyone real soon!

thanks Nana and Papa for making the trip all the way out here to see us!! We had a blast!