Friday, December 19, 2008

Squadron Christmas Party

~Due to the 6 " of snow the Annual 416Th children's Christmas party was moved to this afternoon. Ben had a blast running around the hanger waiting for Santa to arrive on the F-16 with Rudolph as his pilot. Once he arrived he quickly ran out with the other kids to greet him and followed him to his seat by the tree. After waiting in a very long line it was finally Ben's turn to sit on Santa's lap for a great picture opportunity. Well my child all the sudden freaked and turned bright red and started screaming and arching his back. The photographer took the photo anyways and I am glad he did. I think this is the best picture ever!! How many moms out there have a picture like this with one of there own :)

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Benjamin wants Santa to know he is super sorry he freaked out and hopes he is still on the nice list?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blizzard In The Desert

~Well wouldn't you know after 10 days in Chicago thinking it would be the only snow Benjamin would see the sky decides to open up and lay a huge blanket of snow onto the Antelope Valley. What started as just a little wet/flurries this morning turned into the largest snow storm this area has seen in year! Ben and I were in Palmdale running errands before our trip to Florida next week and things went from just wet to down right aweful! Thank heavens we made it home safe and sound and took Ben out for a little funtime in the snow. As you can tell from the pictures he had a lot of fun :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

1st Birthdays

Ooooo!!! Slides and swings!!!

This leaf feels funny!!

Kathleen and Caden with their cupcakes. Caden cried when he got the icing on his hands :)

Benjamin went to another 1st birthday party yesterday. His girlfriend Kathleen who will be 1 yr on December 20th and Caden who turned 1 on November 27th. The party was on base at the clinic park and he and daddy had a blast on the swings and slide.

Happy 1st Birthday guys!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Squadron Christmas Party

Last night was the 416th Holiday party so we got a sitter and headed into Lancaster for a night of food music and an open bar. Enjoy the little video I took of the Lt's doing an 80's free style. Good thing they were all liquored up and don't remember any of it :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chicago for Thanksgiving


The new siding!! I love the Green!!!

Mmmmm...Chocolate Cupcakes!!

I can't put my arms down!!

Swinging with Grandpa

1st Birthdays for Autumn and Benjamin

Shed Aquarium downtown Chicago

Inside the aquarium with Ben's friend Emma Grace

Red Robin for my 1st Birthday dinner.

Toys R Us on my birthday

We had a wonderful time in Chicago with the Quick clan. Ben met his cousins Lilly and Autumn and had tons of fun playing with them. He really took to Lilly and by the weekend was snuggling on the floor with her watching a movie.

We got a little bit of snow while there and Ben wasn't quite sure what to make of it. He looked so funny all bundled up in his snow jacket, hat and gloves! Just picture the little brother in a Christmas Story with the "I can't put my arms down" scene.

Ben had his 1st birthday while there and it was celebrated multiple times. We took him to Red Robin Monday night to see his reaction to strangers singing to him. Then Tuesday we headed to downtown Chicago to the Shed Aquarium with some friends from Edwards who were in town visiting family also. we celebrated again when the Minnesota Quick's arrived since Autumn and Ben are only 10 days apart.

This was a great trip and we were glad to spend so much time with family, but bummed that aunt Heather couldn't make it from Boston :( Hopefully we'll get to see her soon.