Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ben's Room

So We have started working on this little guys room(want to get it done while I still feel good and have my energy). We still have to re-finish a piece of furniture and add the bumble bees to the walls along with some other little finishing touches but this is what we have so far. I think it's going to be one cute little nursery by the time we get it all put together. Hopefully he'll like the Bumble Bee theme :P

here is Picture #2 from this A.M

See everyone soon!!!
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Benjamin 20wks

We had another visit to the Dr today and everything looks great!! Benjamin is measuring kinda big(in the 70%) so we are interested to see how he grows these next few months. Hopefully he will not be to large of a baby for my sake :) We got a few good shots of his little face I wanted to share with everyone. Enjoy!!

I am also getting ready to head to Florida to see my family and friends and am really looking forward to seeing everyone. My Sister is giving me a baby shower while I am there and I will get to see old friends I haven't seen in a while. I will think of everyone while I am laying out at the pool or catching some rays at the beach. Mikayla is very excited that we will be at Nana's together and be able to build lots of sandcastles, have tea parties and"just play" as she puts it.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Darla's conversation with her brother

I have noticed lately that when I sit down to rest Darla wants to be right beside me. It takes her a min or so before her head starts to rest on my belly. It's always so cute, kinda like she's having a little chat with him. We were watching T.V tonight and Adam was able to catch here doing it this time. I think her and Benjamin are going to best buds!!
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Belly shot 18wks

So here you go, it's amazing how much you change in just three weeks. I am slowly starting to feel the little guy moving around in there and can't wait for Adam to feel from the outside. I started taking water aerobics three days a week and I think he really likes the water. By the time I get home and showered and sit down for a minute I can feel these odd twitches that I assume are the baby. He must like all the bouncing around :)
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Belly shot 15wks

So I decided to start posting my belly shots on the blog for family to see. This was the first one we took three weeks ago.
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Back to the Dr again

Well I received a phone call from the Ob today informing me that my cultures from Tuesday had come back positive for the Group"B"Strep bacteria. They told me a percentage of women carry the bacteria always and have no symptoms of it. It can be life threatening to the baby at delivery if not treated with IV antibiotic while in labor so this changes my plan of labor at home as long as possible. Then to top it all off I had some spotting this am, so because of everything they had me come in for another ultrasound to make sure all was ok and found out I have a low lying placenta that is causing the bleeding. They confirmed again that it was definitely a boy and that at my next visit the would recheck the placement of my placenta with an ultrasound. So I guess I just have to take it easy and watch what I lift and my activity levels.