Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy Man

~So this crazy little man of mine has decided that he doesn't want or need to crawl and is now pulling himself up to stand at the coffee table or anything he can get his hands on these days. I am trying not be to protective but it's hard when you see your baby wanting to be so independent. The other night Adam and I were watching a movie (National Treasure #2) and he very quickly decided to scoot over on his little rear end and pull himself up to the couch. I quickly grabbed the camera to get some video of his victory. he was so happy and just a little to brave for my liking.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can I have some of that?

So Ben and Darla have now bonded in the food department. I know Darla has been waiting for this day for a very long time :) Last night after dinner I gave Ben some Sweet Potato puffs and a teething biscuit. Well Darla started stalking him and he quickly realized if he put his hand over the side she would come eat what he had. Of course he thought this was hysterical! The more we told him no and told Darla no the more he laughed and continued to feed her. I knew this day was coming, I guess I just didn't expect it so soon :P

Sunday, July 20, 2008

And We're Back!!

~Ok so I know I've been a bad blogger lately and haven't posted anything but things have been kinda crazy around here. June 18th we flew to St Louis for cousin Laura's wedding and had a great 4 days with family. Ben met his Aunt Heather for the fist time and was able to spend lots of time with Aunt Lauren, G.G. and Grandpa Mac. we got our fix of Ted Drews(Yummo!!) and saw Laurens place. We took in a Cardinals game while we were there and Ben still wasn't impressed with all the yelling and loud music. The wedding was on Saturday June 21st which happened to be out 5th wedding anniversary and it brought back a lot of memories. We danced to our wedding song at the reception and even got in a little alone time to go have dinner before we flew back home.

After being back for 3 days Adam called me to say they finally were sending him to Eglin for the TDY that had been pushed back since February. We left the following Sunday(exactly a week after getting back from St Louis) and were able to spend 3 weeks with my family. My brother and his family were there for a little vacation and Dave was interviewing with an engineering company in Ft Walton that wound up making him a job offer and they excepted so they are moving back home in a few weeks. I am so glad they will be close to both sides of the family after being away for so long. Both sets of Grandparents are just thrilled with the whole thing! We also got a little Marlin fix since the TDY occurred the same time they were moving to Niceville. It was real hard having to leave the kidos and Elizabeth was so upset that we had to come back to California. She really wants Adam( her Big boyfriend close by her) Thank Goodness they moved somewhere we visit and Nana Barb is thrilled to have the kids close by. Mikayla and Elizabeth hit it off, were instantly best friends and are looking forward to going to the same Elementary School in the Fall.

Mikayla went back to NC to say goodbye to her friends so it was just Ben and I with my parents while Adam worked everyday. We went to the pool a few times and Ben has been trying to crawl these last few weeks, thanks to the help of Adelyn. He is really starting to get the hang of it and I think he will be off in no time :)

We had a long day yesterday of travel and Ben was a champ as always. we are so lucky to have a baby that is almost always happy and a great flier. After things settle down around here I promise not to wait so long to post.