Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a week will bring

Update: This past week has been a rough one around the Quick house. It all started Last Monday morning with me on the floor in the entry room wrenching and screaming in pain from my back down my left leg. Adam was in a meeting and so I called the clinic on base who informed me I had to call 911 or they'd call for me. So I called 911 and then called my neighbor to come get Benjamin. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life and no one wants their child to see them on the floor screaming in pain. Before I knew it help was here and I was getting happy drugs in the ambulance while on my way to AV Hospital. All AV did was give me more drugs and send me home with Tylenol #3. I had an MRI last Wednesday night which results now have me being sent to a Neurosurgeon down in Palmdale. Lucky for me they had some openings and called me this morning to see if I could come in tomorrow instead of next week. I am interested to hear what they have to say and hope to get off these pain meds soon and get some relief from treatments.
So with the above being said this past week has been interesting with a 2yr old. I've had to rely on friends and neighbors to come over early AM to get Benjamin out of bed, take him for the day, then return with him for nap time and lay him down for me, and then back again to get him up after his nap. So to make things a bit easier we decided Ben's crib had to be changed to a toddler bed. I hated doing it since he sleeps so well in his crib and has no desire to climb out of it, but we had no other choice given my back situation. Amazingly he has done just fine and sleeps his normal 12(+) hrs a night and 3 1/2hr naps in the afternoon. We are so glad this was an easy transition for him, now if he would just use the big boy potty :).

Thank You Amy for all you help this past week! I would know what to do without you!

Monday, January 4, 2010

And We're back!

We had a great Christmas in Freezing Chicago and are now just trying to recover. Pictures to come soon :)