Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Adam left for a 7 month deployment on April 16th. This has been the hardest thing we've ever been through and to be honest we've been through a lot. We had discussed what I would during a deployment many times and it always can back to me going home to Florida and living with my parents so...... That's what we did! My parents drove out to New Mexico a few days after Adam left and we started the three day drive out to Florida just a week later. We had a great trip and all three kids and both dogs did fantastic! We are now 6 weeks into this deployment and are settled in pretty well here in Florida and have already made some great new friends. I've found a wonderful Military Wives support group at the Methodist Church and they just started a study on deployments. Ben has made a few new friends as well and is busy with camps and swimming. We have been pretty lucky with communication and Skype with Adam daily. This has been a huge help for everyone and the twins squeal every time we get to video with him :-) its also helped Adam to see the kids so frequently and see how fast they are changing. We are headed up to NC next week to visit with Dave and his family. Benjamin can't wait to see where is cousins live, he was 4 months old the last time he was in NC. :-) this fun trip is just one of many we have planned while living with my parents and I will try my hardest to keep this blog updated with photos and info on our journeys while daddy's deployed.