Saturday, June 20, 2009

Surgery Day

Trying to wake him up so we could get him dressed, IV out and start heading home
after 30 min of screaming post- operation he finally fell back asleep in daddy's arms

Pre-operation and he was hungry, thirsty, tired and NOT happy

Benjamin had his surgery yesterday at UCLA and is on the road to recovery. Everything went well and I was able to go into the OR with him until he was put to sleep. they gave him a spinal block so he was numb from the bellybutton down for 12 hrs afterwards. It was nice that they blocked the pain but very hard on our part because he wanted to walk 1 hr after and wasn't able to, would get extremely frustrated and have a melt down. The block wore off about 7hrs after and he was almost running by then with the occasional stumble. We go back for a post operation check on July 6th. Hopefully we will have the all clear and can sign up for swim lessons soon.

Thanks to everyone who said those extra prayers for him and for Adam and I during this whole thing. It really meant a lot!

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Vacation........


more vacation

Family Vacation 2009

We had such a great time with Gail and Mac this past week. Benjamin doesn't know what to do now that it's just boring mom all day long. We started our trip out in San Francisco for 4 days then headed to Monterrey, Ca for some beach and gorgeous scenery and then ended the trip with 2 days at Disneyland before heading home. we gave Gail and Mac about 24hrs before they had to catch a flight back to Chicago.

Thanks G.G and Grandpa for making the trip out here! We had such a blast!!!