Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Changes

Baby "B"

Baby "A"

Both Baby "A"&"B"

So we have finally made it to New Mexico and are slowly getting settled. I am trying to get used to the place and hoping it will grow on me soon. Right before our big move we found out we were expecting and were super excited. After having my mom fly into LA to help with the move/driving and sleeping in a hotel for almost a month we found out that we are being blessed with twins. No wonder I have felt so bad and just totally wiped most of the time. My energy levels have improved but I am still fighting with the nausea and I hope it comes to an end soon. With the area we moved to lacking in decent medical care I have to drive 1hr 10min to see a good OB/GYN doc and then every 3-4 weeks we go to Albuquerque(3 1/2hrs away) to see the perinatologist. We had our first appointment there last week and left with a calm feeling knowing we are in good hands even if it's hrs away. We had a super ultrasound session measuring both babies and Benjamin and my mom both were able to stay in the room. Ben made the comment that the babies were "Boxing" each other. Our next appointment is Sept 3rd and since it's a holiday weekend we are gonna stay a few days and explore the area there and visit with good friends.

Thank You Mom for staying so long and helping out. I couldn't have done it without you! I Love You