Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello from Cali!!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Adam flew back from Florida Friday so Ben and I drove to LA to pick him up and the three of us stayed for a few days to do some site seeing and visit with some friend from TPS. Saturday we went to the Getty museum http://www.getty.edu/museum/about.html and had a wonderful time. The day started out rainy and cold but turned out to be nice after all. Ben loved the art work and seemed to take a likening to the European sculptors. After 4 1/2 hrs we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner with Doug and Karen. They took us to a Thai restaurant off of Hollywood Blvd that had a Thai Elvis impersonator. It was hysterical watching him and we were amazed at how good he was. Elvis was definitely in the building :). We brought along Ben's new clamp on high chair and the manager wasn't to sure about it. He kept walking by trying to look under him to see how it was attached. Finally I said something to him and he commented that it was "freaky" then proceeded to take a chair flip up the cushion and slide it under his seat. It was so funny because we know it's safe but he just didn't feel comfortable with him like that so he have him a little extra protection :).

After dinner we headed down the street to have some desert at a little Japanese pastry shop called Bear Papashttp://www.muginohousa.com/and had the world best cream puffs. they are so fresh and are filled while you watch. after our little sugar rush we walked down to Graumans Chinese theaterhttp://www.manntheatres.com/chinese/ where we saw some interesting night life for a Saturday night.

Sunday we had tickets to see the Dodgers play the Cardinals and it was Ben's first official ball game. We were having a great time until he got a little tired and the crowd got a little loud so he and I left Adam to head outside for some peace and quiet. After a little snooze and some green beans he was good to go and seemed to manage the rest of the game ok. he let out a few more cries when things got a little loud and we eventually wound up leaving the gave during the 8th inning with it tied 3 to 3. Unfortunately the Dodgers won the game but we still had a great time. Ohh and we got to see a celebrity, Michaela Conlin who plays Angela on the show Bones. http://www.tv.com/michaela-conlin/person/29708/photos.html?tag=stars;more_img;5

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's amazing what a baby thinks is funny! Who knew putting pants on your head would be a big hit :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've got it!!

So it didn't take long for our little guy to figure out how to get his cereal into his mouth and how to work the sippy cup. He's definitely going to be an Engineer :)