Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Spring

The new Park

Sitting with his cousins

Jumping with the Birthday Girl

He loves Alligators and the color green

Cousin Stephanie's B-day party

We've had a busy couple of weeks out here with birthday parties down in Orange county ,visiting friends we haven't seen in over a year, and waiting to find out when and where we will be moving to this summer. We found out this week we are moving to Holomon AFB in New Mexico, so we will be trading one desert life for another, but are still waiting to find out when we have to be there. . I am excited about the move and am ready to leave Edwards after a very long 4yrs here and have already started looking for a place to live(This is stressful). Benjamin is growing up so fast these days and has become such a little boy . He knows all his ABC's and can now count to 13 all on his own. He loves going to "His" Toddler University classes and if what he's wearing has pockets, then something has to be put in them ie: Rocks, bugs, and money if he's lucky. They finally finished all the new construction and built a beautiful big park right down from our house. Ben asks everyday to go to the new park and play either Tennis, Basketball, or Volleyball.

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