Monday, January 9, 2012

Mmmmm Cake!

So today Abbygael and Georgia turned 1. Oh! my goodness, we've made it through the first year!!! The girls are a true blessing to our family and bring great joy daily.

Abbygael is my laid back, easy going, cool as a cucumber kid. She loves music and will sing and dance to just about anything you play for her. She's very neat with the way she plays with her toys and eats her food. Everything is inspected by her right pointer finger first. She is always looking things over and checking them out before she takes any action(unlike her sister) and truly has a caring heart. She smiles from her souls and everyone who meets her will say the same thing! She has this presence as if she's been here before and is my angel sent from above!

Georgia is my feisty, firecracker, go 90 MPH kid. She loves to hang upside down and stand on her head and squeal at the top of her lungs. She dives into playing and eating with full force and loves getting messy! She is my little daredevil and tilts her head when you tell her No, No and then proceeds to shake her head no in return. Her desire and motivation for things around her will get her far in life and I can see the struggles for us as parents already starting!  I've always heard that the little ones are always the feisty ones and I LOVE every bit of her personality.

These two girls are just amazing to watch on a daily basis, their bond and true caring for each other grows stronger everyday. If they have been playing in separate areas of the house one will always go find the other and they touch and hold hands for a few minutes before continuing with their play time. My heart is constantly melting just watching them!!!

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