Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Girls!!!!

So we found out last week that we were expecting twin girls. Adam has just been in total shock with the idea of so much pink. Benjamin had a rough time with the news when we told him he was going to have 2 sister, his only response was dropping to his knees and saying I don't want to be the only brother. Poor guy! since then he is now proud to say he is having 2 sisters whenever asked. We've had a little bit of toddler sass in the past week and think it must be due to all the baby talk going around and so much attention being put on 2 people who aren't even here yet. He and daddy are trying to spend quality "Boy Time" together to see if this helps with the issue. I am afraid if we are dealing with this now then how is it going to be when the babies arrive. Hopefully we'll have enough family in town to help when the time comes and he won't feel left out.


Amanda said...

It doesn't have to be pink. Purple is a much prettier color! Congratulations!

Tracy said...

It's good to hear from you. Your girls are beautiful and you all look wonderful. Love your haircut!
Happy New Year!